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Godfrey Kyazze

Godfrey Kyazze

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Godfrey Kyazze, through studying the Bible to understand a biblical perspective on education, became convicted to homeschool his children. Through this process, he and his wife have created homeschooling curriculum, previously non-existent in Uganda, to train their children in Christian principles from the African perspective. This new curriculum includes training in African history, economics, math, science, and other academic disciplines from a biblical worldview. Godfrey has published a number of papers on Home-education, Curriculum, and a Biblical view of life. He is a curriculum writer, trainer, and speaker on matters of Biblical worldview, Education, Economics, Family, and Governance, all from a distinctly Christian point of view. After creating these materials, Godfrey learned that many other Christian schools desired to teach from this perspective and use the curriculum. He then characterized his perspective on education as a system that incorporates biblical principles, biblical thinking, and biblical reasoning into the training of any kind. Besides creating this curriculum, Godfrey decided to launch the Masters Institute for Education (MIE) as the platform for a new university, now under construction on a 13-acre piece of land. MIE has the vision to offer degree programs in education, political science, and business from a biblical worldview. Students trained in these three disciplines will be equipped to engage the nation of Uganda in education, law, politics, policy, and business, through the perspective of a biblical worldview, and work towards the transformation of the nation. Godfrey and Olga are Home-school parents of their four children. The Kyazze’s are leading advocates for Homeschooling in Uganda and across the East African region. Godfrey serves on the board of Homeschoolers Uganda Group (HUG), and is a member of the leadership of the East African Community of Homeschoolers (EACH), which is based in Nairobi, Kenya. The Kyazze’s are also the contact persons in Uganda for Home-Schoolers’ Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

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