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Guzel Gurdus

Guzel Gurdus

Homeschooling Support Centre (HSSC)

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Guzel Gurdus is the CEO of the Homeschooling Support Centre (HSSC) in Moscow, Russia. She has two university degrees and is currently doing her master’s thesis at the Latvian Christian Academy. She also studied psychology and decorative arts. Guzel had a successful career as chief human resources officer for major companies like Penny Lane Realty, Penny Lane Personnel, and TNK-BP where she was responsible for HR management, training, and development. A mother of five, she has since rededicated herself to her children’s upbringing and education. She and her husband Vladimir homeschool three of them. They will attend the African Home Education Indaba with 4 of their children. In 2017 she became CEO of the Homeschooling Support Centre, created with the aim of providing homeschooling parents and children with instructional, legal, organisational and administrative support. As of this moment, HSSC is helping some 2500 children. In 2019 HSSC hosted the Moscow Home Education Conference, the first unique platform in Russia to combine discussions for parents-homeschoolers, teachers, educators and government officials. The company also collaborates with leading Russian universities, experts and communities to promote home education in Russia.

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