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Molebogeng Nomvete

Molebogeng Nomvete

•Home Educating Mom •Entrepreneur and Business owner •Indigenous and Natural learning activist •Home Education Facilitator

Home Education Facilitator and Cluster Support
Rooted Minds

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Towards a Home Education Model for Africa

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Growing up in "Post Apartheid" South Africa had its own challenges. While bringing with it opportunities it also propelled me into spaces unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable. One of those spaces was my high school. While a lot of people have fond memories of their schooling days I cant share the sentiment. Being among the first group of black South Africans to have had the opportunity to attend multiracial schools my days were filled with a lot of racism and bullying from both teachers and students. I did not enjoy learning as I was mostly made to feel inferior. And although the world want to believe that our democracy waved a magic wand and ended racism this is far from the truth. I rebelled and always swam against the tide. The world always felt different, like there was something missing.

When I became a mother I was confronted with reality that my own children would have to experience the same and I was not ready to let them endure this. This set me out on a journey to try and find something different for my kids. With my first two daughters we tried everything. We put our daughters through every imaginable system but nothing stuck. I knew deep down that there had to be an alternative, I just did not know what it was. In 2014, with the support of my husband I pulled my kids out of school without a plan. The homeschooling options available were not appealing and did not resonate with us as a family, so we took the time out and we just lived. We travelled and enjoyed our time together. In 2015 we discovered an Unschooling community and for the first time things felt right. We have been home educating since following an eclectic approach driven by indigenous knowledge. Two years ago I took custody of my brothers daughter and home educated her as well. I have always believed in community and the power of our indigenous knowledge. For the past two years I have been working on that dream. Rooted Minds is an integral part of that dream. I strive to facilitate and support families wishing to embark on their home educating journey. I believe that building community is key and provides the needed support to families who alone may not have the resources and support to go at it alone. Home education is an opportunity that should be available to all, regardless of economic circumstances. I am an indigenous learning activist and a natural learning supporter.

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