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Mantše Tshikhovhokhovho

Mantše Tshikhovhokhovho

Homeschooling Mom, Software Enginneer and Co-founder of NGOs Thekgo and Limpopo Reads Foundation

ALHE ( Afikan Legacy Home Education)

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Towards a Home Education Model for Africa

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Mantše is a homeschooling young mother of 3 girls and 1 boy. Mantše and her family started homeschooling in 2019 with the aim to raise a God fearing and africentric family that is driven to add to global veiws rather than settling with Conformity.

Mantše is a prominent Software Engineer who is active in the IT community and does technical talks on occassion. Mantše is also the co-founder of Thekgo, an NGO that currenly assists matriculants in rural areas to gain access to free online resources. The idea was inspired by the hard lock down that South Africa experienced during the first quarter of 2020, which exposed the massive digital divide in SA as well as the opportunity and privildge gaps between urban and rural communities .

Thekgo is currently working on an e-learning system that can provide suplementarty resources to rural kids for free. We believe culture has an influence to how we teach, learn and undertand the world arround us, and we are aiming on creating content that will translate well to our indigenious cultures. Mantše also co-hosts online webiners and talks that revolve arround featuring children growing up in the homeschooling community.

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