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Marié Kuhlmann

Marié Kuhlmann

Entrepreneur, Homeschool mom
The Association for Homeschooling Namibia

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We live in Windhoek, Namibia, where my husband and I were born and raised. We moved back to Namibia in 2016 after our children were both born and raised in South Africa. We started homeschooling in 2009. Our journey was one of obedience to God at that time and we grew to understand that it was the best thing we could ever do for our children. We completed our ‘formal’ journey of ‘schooling’ in 2018, but firmly believe that we are all students of life and that we are still busy educating our hearts and minds and will continue to do so until the day we die. We are trained as a Rooted Family of the Dynamis Institute, founded by Martie du Plessis. In 2020 we started collaborating with another family and formed the first Association for Homeschooling in Namibia.

Our children, Charle and Daniel are both pursuing a career in the Performing Arts. Charle is the full-time graphic- and web designer, video editor, and marketer at Optog! and Atterbury Trust. He is constantly adapting and growing, acquiring new skills that create opportunities for him. He started a part-time business before his studies, doing graphic design, and still continues with it. He is also listed at various agencies for acting, dancing, and other performing arts positions.

Daniel is the dance instructor at SAFATA (South Africa Film, Acting & Theatre Academy) amongst other things. He continues to train personally in various dance styles (ballet, hip-hop, contemporary and lyrical hip-hop) and also does some auditing work on the side. He recently played 4 roles in the musical, Hairspray, one of which was the lead role of Corny Collins. This was SAFATA’s in-house production. He is also listed at an agency as an actor and dancer.

Our unique journey enabled us to see how important it is that a heart and home for God should be established on a Biblical foundation. This allowed us to provide our children with the best education they needed. Both our boys are young adults and successful in their respective careers. Both pursued performing arts, but with different approaches and we were able to assist and guide them along the way. We have a passion to help families discover the truth about their calling as parents and will help them to step into their Godly role!

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