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Martie du Plessis

Martie du Plessis

Founder of Dynamis Institute and Uncapped Education

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Home Education for ALL Families (Africa)

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Dynamis Institute is headed by Martie du Plessis, once a remedial therapist and now educational consultant, mentor and Uncapped Education Coach. Dynamis was formed in 2000 in response to the many enquires and appeals in South Africa for help that Martie received concerning the knowledge and implementation of home education. The Dynamis Institute offers seminars and personal consultations with families to determine what approach and curricula will work best for your child and your family. During the consultation, learning preferences and giftedness will be determined and specific advice concerning the selection of curricula and the variety of learning materials available will be given. The best approach in which to go about home education is for individual family members to get to know each other better. Parents need to become aware of their own learning preferences and the learning preferences of their children. Parents can then use a suitable program, which will work for both the parents and the children. Parents can adapt and design a home education program to suit the unique and individual needs of their children and family. Martie home educated her own daughter, Chamonix, now aged thirty-five. Chamonix is married to a farmer and they have seven children. They are home educating their own children. The DYNAMIS INSTITUTE is mostly focussing on mentoring destined leaders (Rooted families) in South Africa to help and assist families in each region, as well as establishing dedicated households to have clear vision and abundant living in communities. The main message is that the parents are sacredly enabled by God to be the first educators. The Dynamis Institute presents an unbiased knowledge of the various curricula, learning materials, computer programs and home educational aids currently available. Martie and Rooted families give guidance to parents with children with special needs, special giftedness, and gives career guidance based on the raw material in the child.
Martie has developed a new educational approach, called UNCAPPED EDUCATION, and hope to provide, in this way, an answer to the crisis in education in South Africa and Africa. In this way, the principles of Home Education can bring simplicity and liberty to many children in need.

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