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Sofia Gallis

Sofia Gallis

International Programming Director
Clonlara School

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Sofia Galis looks at life and asks: “What can we change to make it better?” She has an inherent desire to make a difference. Setting out on a path of self discovery at a young age, she dedicated herself to performing arts as an extension of her expression. This, combined with an interest in and respect for the individual as the driver of any change, moved her to became active in different causes. While pursuing a theater degree, she worked as actress and producer and got involved in education through art, giving classes at public schools. The ties with personal growth, individuality, and education all pointed her in one direction when her first child was born—to create a home with all the possibilities to grow in a safe and accepting environment.

In 2011, she co-founded M.E.L., the Portuguese National Association for the Freedom of Education, to empower parents to make the best educational choices for their children in the institutionalized world of education. Since 2015, Sofia has worked with Clonlara School to make personalized education available for more and more families around the world. She is now the International Programming Director, working to make Clonlara a truly global learning community

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