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Dr. Terry Harding

Dr. Terry Harding

BA; DipEd; MEd; PhD

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Terry is one of the pioneers of both homeschooling and non-government distance education in Australia.

He has been influential in the development of both of these forms of education, from the viewpoints of:

  1. A Practitioner – Terry and his wife, Diane, home educated their 5 children for 15 years;
  2. A Communicator – He has been a keynote speaker at home education conferences across Australia and overseas and has lectured on home education at university and various colleges;
  3. A Home School Administrator – Terry led a team, which grew a home school support organisation to assist over 4000 homeschooling students and their families.
  4. A Researcher – He has an MEd and a PhD, which researched home education, with a focus on why people choose this mode of education and what are the roles of parents who educate their children at home;
  5. Distance Education - He has played a key role in assisting with the commencement and development of non-government distance education, in Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia;
  6. An Informer of Policy – Terry has and continues to inform both state and federal governments concerning homeschooling and non-government distance education, as they develop policy for both of these modes of education and
  7. Educator – In addition to leading Australian Christian Home Schooling for over 25 years, Terry has worked as a school principal and head of distance education in four Australian states.

Terry enjoys family life (including 9 grandchildren), theology, history, politics, reading, research, surfing (longboard), and good coffee.

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