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Tim Chen

Tim Chen

GHEX Board Member
Taiwan Homeschool Advocates

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Tim Chen is the founder of Taiwan Homeschool Advocates (THA). Tim and his family have appeared in the media in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China to share their two decades of homeschooling experience. Under his auspices, homeschool law in Taiwan has expanded from just one line in the Primary and Junior High School Act to two dedicated laws plus comprehensive amendments to 20 other relevant laws. Hence he is affectionately known as The Taiwan Homeschool Godfather. Tim and his wife Dorota have been homeschooling their daughter, Zosia since 2002 and subsequently added their son Jas and daughter Ania to their Polish, Mandarin, English, and Japanese multilingual and multicultural home school—the Babel School. They have co-authored a bestseller titled My Home is an International School – Raising Global Kids. Tim and his family are frequently invited by government agencies, universities, corporations, churches, and parent groups to talk about their homeschooling experience. He also hosts a popular YouTube channel called 自學教父陳爸 Zi Xue Jiao Fu Chen Ba (The Homeschool Godfather Chen.) More information is available on the family’s blog or Facebook.

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