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Home Based Learning: A Solution to Education in a Pandemic

A session with Corey DeAngelis, Angela Gandra, Gerald Huebner, Kerry McDonald and Tonisito Umali
Reason Foundation, Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights of Brazil (MMFDH), Global Home Education Exchange Council, Foundation for Economic Education and

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The global pandemic has upset the daily rhythm of life, heavily impacting public education, governments have attempted to deliver education through online learning. How has homeschooling been a solution to the pandemic? Blended, hybrid, fully online, fully offline, how are families, education systems, and policymakers coping? The economic consequences of the pandemic will be significant on state budgets how will the increase in home education affect this? What lessons can policymakers apply from this experience?

Corey DeAngelis

Ph.D. in Education Policy from the University of Arkansas

Gerald Huebner

GHEX Chairman

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