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What Role Does Civil Society Play?

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Education has become a major focus of government activity particularly in this pandemic time, but this has not always been the case. After 150 years of increasing government control of education, does civil society play a role in influencing the rapidly changing education needs of society? Some argue that public education should be the only form of education tolerated in “democracies” but how can such an argument co-exist with the values of autonomy, self-governance and pluralism that are hallmarks of a free and democratic society. Civil society leaders will share experiences, perspectives and recommendations

Allan Carlson

Ph.D. in Modern European History from Ohio University Author of 15 books and 250 articles on questions of family policy Retired Distinguished Professor of Politics and History at Hillsdale College (Michigan) Founder of The World Congress of Families project Appointed by President Ronald Reagan to The National Commission on Children, 1988-93

Sílvia Cópio

Education and Family Adviser. Family Rights in Education Reasercher. Parenting and awareness trainer and coach.

Jan De Groof

Professor at the Law Faculty (Antwerp University, Belgium), at the College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium), at the University of Tilburg (the Netherlands) and at the National Research University (HSE, Moscow, Russia) Extraordinary Professor at the Edu-HRight Research Unit, North-West University (South Africa) President of the ‘European Association for Education Law and Policy’ UNESCO Chair for the Right to Education and former UNESCO Chargé de Mission Honorary Government Commissioner for Universities in Belgium (Flemish Community)

Theresa Okafor

Theresa holds a PhD in Education from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom and a Graduate Certificate in School Management and Leadership from the Harvard Business School Boston, Massachusetts.

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